Youtubers Life is the ultimate life simulation/tycoon videogame in which you can become the world’s greatest content creator in history by editing videos, expanding the amount of fans and turning yourself into a wealthy fellow.
Create your character and start making your first broadcasts in the cozy room at your parents’ where you have grown up since you were little. Keep an eye on daily tasks and socialize yourself to increase your popularity while you have to deal with fans, friends, family and time management!

Record your gameplay sessions
Become the most important gamer on Internet ever! Attend presentations of new games, buy new and classic consoles, purchase your favourite titles online, get them delivered at home and start recording your gameplay sessions right away!

Broadcast your videoclips
Have you ever wished to become a music star on Internet? Play up to 30 different instruments and master every music genre —there are more than 10! Publish cover videos, music lessons, duets and be the focus in a live concert.

New Cooking channel
Enjoy the new Cooking Channel in which you will record the best cuisine-themed videos online! Buy ingredients, choose the appropriate kitchen tools and create recipes. Giving cooking advices has never been so fun!

✔ Character customization
✔ Youtube channels: Gaming, Music and Cooking
✔ Video editing
✔ Make money with your videos
✔ Manage your production studio
✔ Hang out with your friends, go to parties and attend industry events
✔ Experience love
✔ Reply your fans on social networks
✔ Create your own creators network
✔ Move to a new house, an office or even a mansion
✔ Decor your place

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Youtubers Life

Become the greatest video blogger ever in this amazing life-sim game!



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